The Alfred R. Goldstein Library at Ringling College of Art and Design opened its doors in January of 2017. This state-of-the-art library was designed in a way that it could live up to the name that Ringling College of Art and Design has set. A library of this size takes careful planning to make sure that everything is placed in the right spot and is easily accessible to its visitors. With large collections of books and art, Ringling College looked to Workspace Technology to make their library vision a reality. Having over 20 years of experience in Library design, Workspace Technology was able to implement the most advanced storage systems, shelving, and furniture into the Alfred R. Goldstein library. Workspace technology brought in a variety of storage products manufactured by Montel, Inc. to complete this project. Bill Powers, the project manager for Workspace Technology, commented on the work they did with their products, “We took SafeAisle, the safest powered mobile system on the market, and retrofitted it with Montel’s Aetnastak Cantilever shelving system to double the storage capacity for the library. We then installed custom designed static cantilever shelving throughout the library and added a Mobilex system equipped with a combination of Smartshelf and Aetnastak . In order to accommodate the high volume of art we installed art racking and flat files as well.” This project was a huge success for the Workspace team as well as their friends at Ringling College of Art and Design. View below for photos of the outstanding work done by Workspace Technology.

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