Storage Solutions

Workspace Technology has chosen the best names in commerical and industrial storage systems to fulfill the needs of our customers. We make certain that our selection includes a wide range of products from which to choose.


SAFERAK® 32P heavy-duty industrial powered mobile racking system, designed for industrial environments, enhances efficiency and productivity by optimizing storage space. This high-capacity, high-performance solution can free up over 50% of your existing storage.


MOBILEX® mechanical-assist mobile storage systems offer your organization the flexibility to customize your high-density storage systems to keep up with your unique needs. Easily access and mobilize your items with its unique mechanism enabling you to effortlessly move the system.


Get the most in storage security while boosting your storage capacity and productivity with our commercial grade SafeAisle® Powered Mobile Storage System. Featuring its innovative and patented aisle-detection Aisle LED Guard Technology™, SafeAisle® guarantees protection of both users and objects.


SmartShelf® 4-post shelving storage system is an open-ended shelving alternative, which can be configured in countless ways and customized to hold a wide array of items. Designed with versatility in mind, it’s a one-shelf-fits-all solution for myriad storage needs.


Efficiently store your long or oversized paintings and art works, even in tight spaces, with our ModulArt™ freestanding pull-out screens kits and freestanding pull-out art racks. Each of their compact units are freestanding and mobile, and allow you to add scalable elements as your needs grow in your museum or art gallery space.


Looking to optimize your storage space and prefer not to make any changes to existing floors? Then opt for our ceiling-suspended pull-out screens and ceiling-suspended pull-out art racks, which requires no ground rail.


Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are fully automated vertical storage systems that take up a minimum footprint by utilizing the ceiling height available. These systems allow for large inventory of goods to be quickly accessible while being stored in a safe and secure environment and automatically delivered to the operators, with a simple touch.


Wardrobe Lockers feature spacious stationary compartments and optimal air flow to facilitate the drying and odor venting of clothing and footwear. The 24”-wide double-door units allow for better management of gear, while the option base drawer allows for seating and the storage of bulky duty bags.
Montel GIF

Eliminate the need for multiple space-wasting static aisles with montel mobile systems

Save Space, Time and Money


  • Static units are mounted on mobile carriages.

  • Mobile carriages travel on tracks.

  • Use the handle to move the manual systems or turn the 3-spoke SafeCrank handle for mechanical-assist systems or push a button on the powered system control to open the desired aisle.

Vertical storage solutions

Make use of your vertical space with vertical storage solutions. Workspace Technology can lift your warehouse efficiency to new heights with the use of vertical lift modules, horizontal carousels, and vertical carousels.



Workspace Technology offers AIA/CES approved courses on Storage Solutions

Our continuting education program helps architects meet their continued education requirements by attending presentations delivered by our Storage Solution Experts. All of our presentations have been accredited by the American Insititue of Architects (AIA). Contact us now to set up your Lunch and Learn appointment!