High Density Vertical Growing Systems.

Greenhouses, Growrooms, Farms: We have the ability to double your growing capacity, maximize your profits, and provide you with the highest production rates in the industry. Our highly customizeable systems allow us to deliver the most efficient solutions for your growing operation. Its all in the Grams Per Cubic Foot.

GreenRak® High Density Growing System

After many years of designing storage applications for a broad range of fields, including the agriculture sector, Montel has developed a full line-up of storage products that will address your priorities: efficiency, safety, security, versatility, durability. We at Workspace Technology recognize that the duties you fulfill, and the supplies and equipment you employ to do so, vary widely. But whatever they are, you can be confident of more organized storage with our solutions.

The beauty of Montel’s product range is that they have systems versatile enough to handle anything you need to store within your farming environment. What’s more, their mobile systems cut down on the square footage occupied by your storage areas, giving you up to 50% more room. That both gives you more space in the short term and enables you to expand your storage in the long term. Doing that could not be easier with the compact and modular storage products.

Discover new square footage you didn’t know you had and reap the benefits in terms of better service and more sales with Montel’s configurable, space-saving solutions.

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